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SAS Corporate Governance

Code of business ethics
All of us at SAS are committed to developing superior technology for our customers and building a world-class company that conducts business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. To reinforce that commitment, we created the SAS Code of Business Ethics.

The Code defines the ethical standards and guidelines that serve as the foundation of SAS. It is our goal to make the SAS name worthy of trust and synonymous with excellence.

Continuity of business program
Continuity of business (COB) refers to an organizationís plans and procedures aimed at protecting its key assets and continuing its critical business functions in the event of threats such as natural disasters, pandemics, power outages, computer viruses or terrorist attacks. COB has joined corporate governance and information security as a factor that customers consider when selecting the strategic vendors to which they entrust their business.

Many SAS customers depend on SAS to help them deliver critical solutions that offer significant strategic value to their organizations. For these customers, SASí business continuity is important to their business continuity. With this in mind, SAS has expanded its longtime disaster recovery and crisis management procedures into a global COB initiative. This COB initiative reflects SAS' continued focus on its ability to deliver as a critical supplier to its customers and be there for them when it matters most.

Commitment to sustainable development
SAS is an active and committed partner in the communities where we live, work and conduct business. At SAS, we recognise that environmental sustainability is a continuous effort that requires prudent use and preservation of our natural resources. Our offices around the world take steps to minimise our environmental impact by complying with, and often going above, a growing myriad of environmental regulations. As a company, we are dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable environment issues, such as preservation of natural resources, energy efficiency and climate change, are issues that require thorough analysis and stakeholder dialogue; we will continue to ensure our voice is heard.

As the leader in Business Intelligence and predictive analytics, our objective is to proactively solve problems. Equally aware that we are both in the world and of the world, we apply this same objective to the sustainable environment. Our software is the critical enabler that allows others to meet their environmental objectives. We are the catalyst for our customers to attain their goals. Whether facilitating the efficient generation of power, promoting better utilisation of critical resources to minimise waste, assisting environmental protection agencies or improving the production and delivery of goods, we enable our customers to do well and to do good.

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