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Software Licenses for Teaching and Research

The needs of universities vary according to the proposed use of SAS. Please contact SAS to discuss the most appropriate way to license our software for your needs. Briefly, the options are:

SAS OnDemand for Academics  
SAS analytical software is now available free of charge online to academics for teaching all over the world.
Eduserv/Chest Licensing: for UK and Ireland universities ONLY
SAS makes the software available at greatly reduced rates to universities. The SAS/Chest license agreement has created a flexible licensing structure for universities as it enables licensing by department, faculty and campus. Also, a distinction is made between use of the software for Teaching and Research, or for Research only. Follow the link above to view the SAS/Chest Agreement, which includes a tariff of prices.
SAS Graduate Research Fellowship Programme
In order to encourage the use of SAS for Final Thesis research, SAS permits the software to be licensed free of charge to selected students for a period of six to twelve months. For information about the SAS Postgraduate Fellowship Programme, please contact Academic Department on 01628 486933.
JMP software for academia - data visualization with SAS
JMP for Statistical Discovery - The JMP Academic Partnership offers professors and students the opportunity to teach, learn and develop research projects using the full capabilities of JMP used by corporations worldwide - at a fraction of the corporate licensing fees. JMP runs on the Mac and Windows operating environments. Contact the UK JMP Team on 01628 486933.