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FREE from SAS: SAS on Demand for Academics

SAS UK & Ireland is pleased to announce a hosted service to support academic teaching. 

SAS on Demand for Academics (SoDA) is free of charge to UK & Ireland academics wishing to teach using SAS software. It's available on secure servers in Heidelberg, so it's use is covered by German and EU data protection legislation. The use of SAS onDemand for Academics enables students to gain 24 x 7 access to SAS software on their own computers anywhere that they have access to the Internet. The latest version of the software is uploaded to SoDA as soon as it goes on general release.

Each student user and tutor must register for a SAS PROFILE (which consists of a SAS username and password) before they can download the software. Once he/she has a SAS profile, a tutor must set up a course profile on SoDA (this includes selecting the software to be used and uploading the course data) before emailing students information on how to register for their SAS profiles, and how to access their specific course.

Available software : SAS OnDemand for Academics

  1. SAS Enterprise Guide (point-and-click front end) for data access and management and access to all SAS the statistical and graphics modules. SAS Enterprise Guide is a full 4GL graphical interface that provides smart statistical analytics, useful for user with only limited knowledge of Base SAS programming. SAS Enterprise Guide requires a 'thin client' to be downloaded onto each computer.
  2. SAS Enterprise Miner This is arguably the most advanced data mining and modeling tool in commercial and academic use. It provides a sophisticated graphical user interface and also requires a 'thin client' to be downloaded onto each computer.
  3. SAS Forecast Server (BETA until further notice) This is one of the most powerful forecasting tools in commercial and academic use. It too provides a sophisticated graphical user interface and also requires a 'thin client' to be downloaded onto each computer.

SAS on Demand for Academics: course set up

View course set-up instructions 

Tutors are STRONGLY ADVISED to test all aspects of registration, course set-up, student login and performance before committing to the use of SAS on Demand for Academics. Set up should absolutely not be left to just before term and teaching starts.

FREE Teaching materials

ALL SAS public course training materials are made available free of charge to UK and Ireland academics under a Trainer Kit Agreement. The full list of available Trainer Kits can be viewed here.

The Kits include full course notes, course presentation materials (e.g. Powerpoint slides) and course data for demonstrations and exercises. There is no limit on the number of copies of course notes that can be made for teaching purposes. A maximum of 15 courses may be requested at any one time.

Please send us your full postal address and University Staff Number, and the names of the Kit(s) that you require. We also need to know the full titles of each of the courses upon which each Kit is to be used, together with the (approximate) number of students being taught. A SAS Trainer Kit Agreement will then be sent to you for signature. Once we receive it back from you, the Kit(s) will be sent to you on CD.

FREE Technical Support for SAS onDemand for Academics: 

  • UK Freephone: 0845 402 9907
  • Ireland Freephone: 1-850923323