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Media companies use SAS® data visualization to draw insights from audience data

Audience intelligence helps media companies uncover viewer insights that can be used to optimize business decisions across the enterprise

CARY, NC  (10 juni 2013)  – One of the most valuable resources media companies have is audience data. Analyzing audience data provides myriad business benefits across marketing, programming, advertising and operations. And when cable, satellite and content providers apply SAS Visual Analytics to real-time audience data, they equip a wide range of users to unearth customer insights in just seconds – insights that improve leverage in carriage negotiations, boost ARPU (average revenue per user), increase ROI (return on investment) on ad dollars, and informs packaging and programming decisions.

"Media companies have barely scraped the surface of what can be achieved by applying sophisticated analytics to audience data," said Debbie Mayville, Senior Solutions Architect at SAS. "Many are deterred by the sheer volume of audience data - big data - often located in disparate silos. But neither volume nor location is a hindrance for SAS. Using a single data management environment that includes analytics, decision management and reporting, SAS helps media companies access clean, trusted return-path data, regardless of platform or location. SAS even integrates data from other sources such as social media data, billing, accounts and third-party providers."

Lacking predictive analytics for audience profiling, many companies fall back on simple business rules that produce inaccurate audience characteristics. For instance, decisions based on population sampling .are less accurate than those using full viewership data. SAS handles full-census audience viewership, applying predictive analytics to capitalize on audience behavior in the moment to improve video on demand (VOD) offer uptake and engagement. 

Media companies can use SAS forecasting to predict audience composition across multiple levels such as network, show, timeslot, etc. Predictive modeling can identify customers most likely to watch a new show or ad, and optimize marketing and advertising spending to increase ROI.

SAS can determine relevant actions to be targeted to individual customers, optimizing interactions based on constraints, budget, and capacity. In-the-moment or off-line actions can be made for marketing, programming, customer experience, or advertising decisions.

"Recently, one provider of movie and on-demand content used SAS to increase revenues by providing accurate recommendations to customers based on their viewing behavior and customer profile," said Mayville. "Using return- path data, SAS Analytics boosted the speed, accuracy and personalization of the recommendation engine. That means relevant offers – including price, promotion, product and location – were quickly tailored to predicted preferences."

SAS Visual Analytics is a high-performance, in-memory solution, designed to explore large amounts of data instantly and present the results visually.

The Cable Show 2013 begins June 10, 2013, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Visit SAS at Booth 1613.


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