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Financial and operational efficiency for services
In today's rapidly evolving business environment, information and knowledge represent primary resources. The ability of a service supplier to serve each customer on the basis of their specific requirements is essential to success. Profit responsibility demands that services and business processes can be broken down to the level where they can be efficiently monitored and followed. At the same time, this places significant demands on agreements, pricing, invoicing, follow up procedures, and quality assurance for service components. The challenge is not simply to limit service costs, but also to use resources where they add clear value and customer satisfaction.

What does SAS® Service Performance Management do?
Service Performance Management supports easy management and packaging of services like IT, HR and facilities. The solution provides a central location to maintain and model basic business operations information, like customers, services, agreements, and resources. Create an automated process with Data Integration that generates cost allocation, invoices/chargeback, reports and advanced analysis.

Why is SAS® Service Performance Management important?
With the increasing pressure to deliver services more efficient and to optimize infrastructure, Service Performance Management supports the complex information demand with detailed follow-up, in the continual hunt to improve quality, profitability, and resource planning.

Who needs SAS® Service Performance Management?
Service Performance Management is designed for organizations striving for transparency in their service delivery and operations. This enables business support to reduce costs and manage resources in a way that add value and customer satisfaction.

Key benefits

  • Aligning IT and Business - Unique functionality in the agreement configuration module enables maintenance, development and invoicing of service business models, from a central site. Connect IT-components to business services in order to create maximum transparency and understanding of what's driving costs.
  • Automation and data quality - One automated process from data collection of cost drivers to reporting and follow-up. Validation of data and fault reporting is done in several steps assuring robust data quality.
  • Role based reporting and Business Analytics - One source of information for all roles within your organization, through a centralized and role oriented reporting environment. Add SAS Business Analytics and advanced forecasting and quickly adapt to changes in the business environment.

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