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With The Power to Know® SEB IT Service Offers Customers Power to Choose

With SAS for IT Management, SEB IT Service is now in a position to provide its customers with a choice of high quality customized services. The company is making the transition from a monopoly in-house service department to a profit-driven subsidiary that must compete in normal market conditions. At the end of financial year 2000, the entire department of 500 employees was converted into an independent company, and in early 2002, its market adjustment will be complete.

SEB IT Service remains part of the SEB Group, which has undergone considerable change including the acquisition of BfG Bank of Germany. With this purchase the SEB Group has become a truly European bank, focused on the Internet, savings accounts and the Nordic corporate market. SEB is also one of the largest Nordic financial groups, with SEK 810 billion (€ 89.4 billion; US $81.3 billion) in assets under management and more than SEK 1,000 billion (€ 110.4 billion pro forma, including BfG; US $100.4 billion) in total assets at the beginning of 2000. The Group is represented in some 20 countries around the world and has approximately 21,000 employees.

The SEB Group's business concept is to create value for customers and shareholders by offering market-leading competence and long-term relations. Clearly, IT solutions have a very important role to play in delivering on this concept. And, while the other subsidiaries and departments are still its main customers, but SEB IT Service may also be selling its services to external customers in the future.

"We want to be the natural choice for everyone within SEB, and naturally we will follow SEB into the broader European market. In Europe our experience of banking and its unique requirements is a priceless asset. We will also be helping other customers besides SEB as far as possible," says Anders Collin, who managed the conversion of SEB IT Service into a profit-driven subsidiary.

Previously, IT services could only be purchased internally within the SEB Group, and prices were determined in accordance with a break-even model. Services were in rough categories and seldom adapted to any particular customer. Since the conversion, customers will have more choice and a more tailored service.

"In a nutshell, earlier you got all or nothing. Now we have an entire catalogue of services so every customer can order exactly what he or she needs. We can price our services in market terms," says Collin. SAS software has been an important element in the conversion process. SAS' flexible IT Service Management system enables customization, so it is now possible to link SEB IT Service's new catalogue of services with a pricing model that provides comprehensive cost and revenue control. "We used to start the tendering process with a blank sheet of paper. Now we know right from the start what every basic service costs and can produce a tender much more quickly," says Collin.

SEB IT Service is in the process of renegotiating all of its contracts within the group. These contracts have a total value of SEK 1.5 billion. "Our new approach is to work out individual service packages for each customer and set the prices accordingly. Then, we draw up contracts with the whole agreement in writing. All of the contractual data is entered into the invoicing system, which makes it an important solution for ensuring that we are meeting our commitments," Collin explains.

The choice of the SAS' IT Service Management solution was not particularly difficult. Collin could see a number of distinct advantages. "SAS could guarantee an IT service billing model based on the written contract, where the price and all the services were included. Their very experienced team spoke our language and was a great help to us, so we were confident that we would be ready in time, which was a decisive factor. In the long run, it is to become a standard system that we can update regularly. We are extremely satisfied," says Collin.

The SAS IT Service Management solution was previously developed for TietoEnator, the leading European supplier of value-added IT services, and is now being marketed worldwide.

"As a customer, this is good news, as it means we will not need to initiate all upgrades and development of the system ourselves," says Collin. The next step is to add evaluation, follow-up and service level reporting. SEB IT Service and its customers draw up a Service Level Agreement as part of the contract.

"Each month, the customer will be able to evaluate whether we've lived up to the level of service that we promised to deliver. And that in turn will be useful for our internal quality control," concludes Collin. SAS is giving SEB IT Service the THE POWER TO KNOW®, which means SEB IT Service can offer its customers greater Power to Choose.

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SEB IT Service

Evolve from an in-house monopoly into a successful and independent market-driven subsidiary.
SAS IT Management Solutions help the company offer better customer service through customized service billing and pave the way for external marketing. 

We are extremely satisfied. SAS' very experienced team was there for us, and they spoke our language.

Anders Collin

project manager

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