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Webbaserad helhetslösning för kliniska studier

What is PheedIt?

PheedIt is a web-based solution for clinical studies that is developed by SAS Institute. The purpose of this application is to capture clinical data and it is a powerful tool that facilitates the clinical trial process with its flexibility and user-friendliness. The web-based feature of the application allows for easy installation and use as the end users do not have to install any software on their end but can access the application through a regular web browser.

Relation to SAS Software

PheedIt manages the clinical data capture process in an all SAS solution. A metadata repository that manages e-CRF components created as specified in study protocol. The focus is on reusability and during study setup a clinical study eCRF is rapidly assembled and deployed. Reuse is simplified. PheedIt provide web-enabled data entry and a discrepancy management environment. Data are stored in SAS® datasets, no conversion required. Provides audit trail, entry value validation and reports to enhance the clinical data capture process. PheedIt exports SAS® datasets to be analyzed using SAS® BASE, SAS® Analytics, SAS® Enterprise Guide® or SAS® JMP® Clinical or similar tools from within the SAS family. Output tables are perfect input to SAS/CDI.

Why is the SAS® PheedIt Solution Important?

  • PheedIt provide short implementation and verification time (one week)
  • Reduction of data capture costs, provides remote data entry
  • Easy access for end users through regular web browser
  • Data ready for analysis and reporting
  • Data entry made easy

Target Group

PheedIt is intended for small to medium-sized clinical Pharmaceutical/Healthcare/CRO companies that run clinical trials of that volume.

PheedIt Brochure

Here you can find the official PheedIt Brochure which is available as a PDF file


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