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IT Service Provider TietoEnator Uses SAS® to Measure Profitability and Performance

Managing your IT resources and their effectiveness is difficult enough. If your company offers outsourced IT services, it is even more important to manage resources wisely to remain profitable.

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Kenneth Dufvenmark
Director of Processing and Support,

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For TietoEnator, providing superior IT outsourcing has proven to be a fast-growth business. TietoEnator has grown to nearly €1.3 billion ($1.5 billion) in yearly revenues by specializing in consulting, building and hosting core business systems. Originally focused on Scandinavia's forestry industry, TietoEnator now helps manufacturing and public sector concerns.

"There is a cost barrier to investing in IT resources," says Kenneth Dufvenmark, director of processing and support for TietoEnator. "Our customers come to us to find smarter ways of doing things."

And for TietoEnator to provide those smarter solutions, they turned to SAS to help it manage and analyze internal operations. "The information volume is so high these days you really need to track the data and do it in a trustworthy way," states Dufvenmark. "We needed a business partner we can trust and that's why we are working with SAS."

Looking for the Right Fit
When TietoEnator's business process and support unit were searching for a solution, they wanted to find a vendor with knowledge in matching business and technical data, as well as tracking and storing it. "Since SAS focuses in this area, they're a better fit to actually deliver the solution than other providers," states Dufvenmark.

TietoEnator chose SAS IT Resource Management and the SAS Knowledge Solution for IT Service Management, a combined solution that delivers the IT business intelligence required by people like Dufvenmark to plan, purchase, build, manage and maintain IT infrastructures. SAS IT Resource Management delivers utilization, availability and performance data for each element of the IT infrastructure to all levels of the business organization, from system operators through to the CEO.

TietoEnator's solution from SAS uses data warehousing components and an invoice management program that Dufvenmark says "gives a business-oriented way of looking at the data which we haven't had before." With SAS, TietoEnator can look at information not simply from a measure of work produced, but they can actually manipulate the data to analyze the cost and profits associated with various offerings.

Knowing the True Costs of Doing Business
The SAS solution doesn't just provide figures; it has sparked a constructive internal debate. "We're discussing what our actual products and services are. Before, we were never able to achieve the same answers from people in the business," Dufvenmark says. Now, TietoEnator knows which customers are profitable and which service areas are growing to the point where they might need additional staffing or training. They can package their services with an eye on profits and adapt accordingly – no more free data storage for marginally profitable contracts. They can also track everything that is going on with a customer's IT needs and offer better advice on what the company's needs might be in the future. "If you don't know what you're doing internally, how can you convince the customer that you have the right solution?" asks Dufvenmark.

Taking the Hype Out of the Business
"There's a lot of hype in this business. There are a lot of buzzwords, but it all comes down to common sense," Dufvenmark says. SAS gives everyone at TietoEnator the ability to identify the three main cornerstones of the business: the company's resources, its offerings and its customers. "Internally, we now have a common language. When we say something, everyone understands our language. The impact to the organization is that SAS helps us have the same goal and everybody is working toward that goal."

About TietoEnator
TietoEnator is a leading supplier of high value-added IT services in the Nordic countries. The group specializes in consulting, developing and hosting its customers' business operations in the digital economy. TietoEnator concentrates on vertical markets that represent the strongest Nordic industries and deepest accumulated expertise of TietoEnator. In these sectors – banking and finance, telecom, public, healthcare, energy, and forestry – TietoEnator provides a unique combination of vertical solutions and partnership services that are based on a combination of deep industry expertise and the latest information technology.

TietoEnator has nearly 13,000 employees operating in more than 20 countries, including the United States and China in addition to Europe. The group's annual net sales are about €1.3 billion (US$1.5 billion). TietoEnator's shares are listed on the HEX Helsinki Exchanges and Stockholmsbörsen.

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Measure the costs and profit potential of IT services.
SAS IT Resource Management supports better use of resources, happier customers and profitability. 

We needed a business partner we can trust and that's why we are working with SAS. 

Kenneth Dufvenmark

director of processing and support

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