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Business Analytics 101

In spite of the promise of business analytics – and new technologies that make analytic power more accessible than ever – few organizations have taken full advantage. They have questions about where to focus their efforts, how to address data management issues, and what types of analytic techniques to use where. That was the topic of a SAS-sponsored webinar in the "Applying Business Analytics" series, in which participants offered practical advice about how to make analytics pervasive in the organization, predictive for maximum value, and proactive to drive meaningful action. This paper provides a summary of that webinar.


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Aanbevolen white papers

  • Three's Company: The Benefits of Forecasting, Optimization and Simulation
    This paper presents insights and practical advice for applying advanced analytics in hospitality and gaming from a November 2010 webcast. It describes where advanced analytics can have real value in the industry from forecasting and simulation to optimizing results by choosing the right path.
  • Liquidity Risk Management After the Crisis
    Lately, liquidity risk has received serious attention from regulators, banks and investors alike. And rightly so, as everyone witnessed how an exogenous credit crisis compounds itself into a major liquidity crisis (or funding problem), propagating very quickly through the global financial markets, leading to insolvency of major financial institutions. This paper discusses challenges faced by financial institutions in the area of liquidity risk measurement and management as well as the SAS response to these challenges – an integrated risk solution that can meet the immediate requirements banks have, while providing a framework to support future business needs.