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Designing, Tuning, and Maintaining SAS OLAP Cubes


This course teaches students how to use the SAS OLAP environment to build, tune, and maintain multidimensional cubes.
Learn how to:

  • access requirements and examine options for building efficient OLAP cubes
  • create and set security on SAS OLAP cubes
  • extend the functionality of the cube using both wizards and the Multidimensional eXpressions (MDX) language
  • tune a SAS OLAP cube and perform cube maintenance
  • use an OLAP cube in reporting applications.
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Business Analysts.
There are no formal prerequisites for this course. Knowledge of the platform for SAS Business Analytics is helpful but not required.

Getting Started with the Platform for SAS Business Analytics and OLAP
• exploring online analytical processing (OLAP)
• examining the SAS platform architecture
• working with the SAS OLAP environment
• discussing the course environment and scenario

Designing a SAS OLAP Cube
• assessing requirements
• identifying data-dependent factors
• examining options for efficiencies

Creating a SAS OLAP Cube
• identifying the cube structure
• registering the metadata
• creating a cube using the Cube Designer

Extending the Cube Using Predefined Calculations
• adding members to an existing cube
• using simple calculations
• using time-related calculations

Extending the Cube Using Custom Calculations
• investigating MDX concepts
• working with members
• using conditional expressions
• exploiting SAS functions

Tuning a SAS OLAP Cube
• designing aggregationse
• tuning aggregations

Performing Cube Updates
• incrementally updating a SAS OLAP cube
• performing an in-place update
• performing a managed cube update
• managing cube generations

Setting Security on a SAS OLAP Cube
• understanding OLAP security
• securing dimension, hierarchy, and level objects
• establishing member-level security

Using a SAS OLAP Cube in Reporting Applications
• viewing a SAS OLAP cube with SAS Enterprise Guide
• working with SAS OLAP cubes in Microsoft Excel
• building an information map from a SAS OLAP cube
• viewing multidimensional data on the Web.

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