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Activity Based Management & Profitability

Activity Based Management
This course teaches the fundamental concepts and processes of building and analyzing multi-dimensional activity-based cost models through the use of OLAP analysis cubes, custom report templates, and the classic analytic view of an ABC model. Learn how to:
  • describe activity-based costing (ABC) methodology
  • use SAS Activity-Based Management 7.x software for reporting cost data
  • construct an ABC model
  • import and export model data
  • perform dimensional analysis using online analytical processing techniques
  • make decisions about the structure of your models
Profitability Management
This course provides comprehensive training for SAS Profitability Management.

The course covers key concepts and focuses on building a profitability model and generating dynamic reports. In addition to model design techniques and validation, the course covers advanced reporting, which includes identifying alternative SAS tools for analyzing SAS Profitability Management data. (For example, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Data Integration Studio, and SAS Profitability Management Studio are also used in this class).
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Activity Based Management
Business users (Managers, analysts, and model builders).

Profitability Management
End users and technical analysts (representing a range of industries, including telecommunications, banking, and large remote retail companies), specifically those who want to be able to quickly calculate point profit for customer transactions using SAS Profitability Management.

Activity Based Management
Cost & Profitability Management

Profitability Management
Before attending this course, you should have domain experience.
Familiarity with OLAP reporting is helpful but not required.
No programming courses in Base SAS are required.

• Introduction to Activity-Based Modeling
• Exploring SAS Activity-Based Management
• Elements of Model Structure
• Establishing Periods and Scenarios
• Creating Assignments
• Attributes
• Advanced Drivers and Driver Formulas
• Cube and OLAP Analysis
• The Stage Attribute and OLAP Analysis
• Standard Reports and the Reporting Environment
• Contributions Query
• Importing Model Structure
• Additional Modeling Considerations
• Data flow and applications used in class
• Viewing a report on the Web client
• Understanding Dimensionality
• Building the Model
• Reporting
• Validating and Updating the Model
• Model Design
• Using What You Learned
• Data Management
• SAS Management Console
• Table Dependencies
• Calculation Diagrams
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