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SAS Customer Support: Online Resource Portal

SAS Online Customer Support strives to deliver world-class,
personalized online applications and content
that help retain and educate SAS customers
worldwide and provide information about
features available in supported releases of SAS.

Search contains a variety of resources, in English, to assist customers with problems and questions. In particular, it contains the following types of information:

  • Known problems and their solutions
  • Features of various products and helpful tips
  • Errors in the documentation and the correction
  • Questions of compatibility between different versions of products


Areas of Interest

Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base provides searchable sample code, usage notes and problems and fixes. The knowledge base also provides product documentation and install documentation to help install, configure, administer and use SAS products and solutions.

Product A to Z Listing
SAS is committed to providing you with online resources that help you use SAS more efficiently. The product listing offers a one-stop shop for documentation, samples, training and news provided by product.

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Discussion Forums
SAS Discussion Forums are an online resource for peer-to-peer information exchange. SAS employees occasionally drop into a forum with an informational post or help for a difficult question. The discussion forums are not a replacement for SAS Technical Support.