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SAS/ACCESS® Software

Accédez aux données dans toute l’entreprise et tirez-en pleinement parti

SAS/ACCESS interfaces are out-of-the-box solutions that provide enterprise data access and integration between SAS and third-party databases. SAS/ACCESS interfaces enable your SAS® solutions to read, write and update data regardless of its native database or platform. Because the data appears native to SAS, there is no need to learn Structured Query Language (SQL) or any other database-specific query languages.

By integrating all available data across the enterprise, SAS/ACCESS software supports your mission-critical business decisions by giving you access to complete, up-to-date and accurate enterprise data.

Typically those responsible for providing enterprise data access to business units across the organization fall within IT. Business users whose jobs may require them to manage data to perform specific tasks also may be interested in SAS/ACCESS technology.

Key Benefits 

  • Access more data sources on more platforms. SAS/ACCESS engines provide seamless and transparent read/write/update access to more than 60 data sources, including relational and nonrelational databases, PC files and data warehouse appliances. (SAS Data Surveyors are available for accessing enterprise applications.) SAS can help you leverage all your enterprise data for competitive advantage.

  • Direct, easy and secure access with native interfaces. No SQL expertise or custom coding of extractions is required. You get a high degree of control over data security because SAS/ACCESS honors and augments the native security of the target data source.

  • Fast performance and reduced network traffic. The ability to pass database queries, joins and many functions to a target data source for processing reduces network traffic and speeds data access. You also gain faster load times with support for native bulk-load utilities.

  • Support for integration through standards, including ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB. SAS/ACCESS interfaces are tightly integrated and used by all SAS products and solutions for third-party data integration.

  • Designed to support both technical and business users. These out-of-the-box access solutions require minimal training and knowledge transfer.

Key Features

  • Seamless and transparent data integration
    With SAS/ACCESS interfaces, you can access the most popular databases on the most popular platforms without detailed knowledge of the database or SQL. The interfaces allow you to treat data as a generally available resource that can be viewed and used by SAS regardless of its format.

  • SQL support
    SAS/ACCESS engines support two means of integration: the LIBNAME engine and the Pass-Through Facility. The LIBNAME engine provides a seamless and transparent way to surface data and requires minimal knowledge of the data or the SQL required for surfacing it. The Pass-Through Facility provides greater flexibility, offering users the option to use their own custom SQL statements or to modify/keep automatically generated SQL, which will be passed directly to their database server. In all cases, by mapping SAS specific statements or functions to database specific statements or functions, all appropriate SQL statements can be processed directly inside the database, providing the best possible performance.

  • Bulk-loading and other performance features
    SAS/ACCESS supports multiple loading options for moving data from SAS into third-party data stores. Bulk loading can significantly enhance performance. Other performance enhancements are provided by a multi-threaded read interface, support for automatic partitioning, the ability to pass functionality to the database and the ability to directly control processing.

  • Temporary table support
    You can create a temporary table that can be accessed by multiple SAS processes. This provides performance gains when the same data is required for different steps in a session. Performance increases can also be realized by using temporary tables for heterogeneous joins.

  • Metadata integration 
    DBMS metadata can be accurately maintained within the SAS Metadata Repository.

  • Data integrity and security
    SAS/ACCESS engines can accept encoded DBMS passwords so they do not appear as clear text in SAS programs. The software also uses the authentication and log-in information stored within the SAS Metadata Repository or uses the requirements provided by each database system.

Access to relational databases

  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Informix
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase IQ
  • SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata

Access to Data Warehouse Appliances

Access to nonrelational databases 

Access to Enterprise Applications

For a complete list of the SAS/ACCESS family of interface products, refer to the fact sheet

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