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Galeria Kaufhof optimizes customer contact with SAS® Analytics

CARY, NC  (31 Tammi 2013)  – European department store chain Galeria Kaufhof recently licensed SAS® Analytics to improve its ability to engage customers. The retailer will use SAS to sort through customer data, identify those customers most likely to buy, then tailor offers specifically to them.

Galeria Kaufhof makes use of SAS' powerful 64-bit processing capabilities to manage rapid data growth and enhance speed in its online shopping environment. "SAS is a perfect fit for our dynamic requirements," said Marc Neurath, head of CRM at Galeria Kaufhof. "Having analytical depth is important in these 'big data' times. SAS will help us meet demand."

Galeria Kaufhof licensed SAS® Enterprise Guide and SAS® Enterprise Miner, data mining software proven to help increase marketing campaign response rates and curb customer attrition. "Galeria Kaufhof chose SAS data mining software that has a proven track record for boosting marketing campaign response rates and reducing customer attrition," said Diana McHenry. "We'll work with them to build a digital backbone that enhances robust, modern retailing."

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