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SAS is No. 1 among Best Employers in the Netherlands

HUZEN, NETHERLANDS  (21. marts 2013)  – For the first time ever, SAS Netherlands has received a No. 1 ranking on the list of Best Employers in the Netherlands.

"After our previous top positions in recent years, we are very proud that this time we are in the first position," said Karel Kinders, Managing Director of SAS Netherlands. "Satisfied employees are ultimately the best guarantee for optimal commitment, creativity and innovation. People make the difference to our customers and also to us."

The list of Best Employers is based on research conducted by the Great Place to Work® Institute. Compared to last year, SAS especially improved in the area of trust, a part of the research that goes far beyond employee satisfaction. Great Place to Work analyzes the underlying level of trust within an organization.

The Great Place To Work Institute works with businesses, nonprofits and government agencies in 46 countries on all continents. In the largest study of its kind, more than 5,000 organizations (representing 10 million people) participate annually in surveys to determine the best workplaces in the world. This year 110 Dutch companies competed for the number 1 spot on this list.

SAS reached the top position in the Netherlands because of its inspiring work, open communication, good working conditions and a good balance between work and private life.

"We continually strive to improve our organization," said Remco Korzaan, Director of Human Resources. "The power of SAS is that we continually challenge each other to perform even better. We provide special training to help employees collaborate and give feedback."

Korzaan said it's also important to recognize and reward individual and team accomplishments. "One example is our 'Bubbles on Deals' where successes are shared and colleagues are thanked in front of the entire company.

"Innovation and progressiveness are hallmarks of our HR policy. For instance, our Talent Management policies are specifically tailored to our peoples' needs, to make them even more successful in their endeavors" Korzaan said.

"From an HR perspective," Korzaan added, "the company wants to maximize every employee's potential and help our people to succeed. People who have substantial knowledge of both analytics and the business of our customers are scarce, so our policy is aimed to develop everyone's talent and to maximize their potential.

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