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Terms, conditions & pricing

Public Training

  • The net training fee for each course is indicated in the calendar. The training fee includes instruction by an SAS expert in English, course material set up in English, 3 month support after the training. The content of the training session will reflect the most-up-to-date state of technology.
  • You can register directly through our website by choosing your preferred training in our online calendar or you can send us an email purchase order or standard booking form through e-mail or fax: +32 2 766 07 77.
  • A course booking is official upon receipt of your written reservation. Please note that upon receipt of an electronic course registration, we will acknowledge the receipt. For your convenience, we send a confirmation of the training via e-mail at the latest 5 working days before the scheduled course start.

Company Specific Training

  • Special pricing conditions are applicable on group sessions organized at SAS Belgium, SAS Luxembourg or at your premises. We recommend you to consider a group session as from 4 course participants onwards.
  • Please contact the Customer Training Team for a detailed offer, taking into account your preferred training content and customizations, timing, language and location of the session.
  • We agree on the date and the location. The training fee includes instruction by an SAS expert, course material (set up in English) 3 month support after the training.

Course Cancellation
If a training / subscription needs to be moved to a later date or needs to be canceled, inform SAS as soon as possible.
Fees are fully refundable if notification is received by phone, mail, or e-mail at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled start date of the session. If we are notified 10 to 5 working days before the course start it is subject to 50 % of the course fee. After that, the full course fee will be charged.

Substitutions (replacement of the participant) are accepted at any time prior to the course.

SAS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any course in case of force majeure, in case of public training: also if not enough registrations. Should a course have to be rescheduled, we will endeavour to provide a written notification at least five days before the course start date.

Course Payment
Upon delivery of the training SAS Customer Training will invoice the session at the end of that month. Invoices are due net thirty (30) days. Applicable taxes are additional.

The Flemish Government sponsors SAS Training!
BEA, "Budget voor Economisch Advies", is an initiative of the Flemish Government. It is a subsidy measure that supports companies financially when organizing training (amongst other services). Training Centers that clearly demonstrate quality and customer satisfaction become recognized. This gives an advantage of 30% on the net amount of the training invoice! Upon course registration you need to indicate that you wish to make your payment partially by using the BEA-subsidy. Visit to find out more about the stipulations or to enter your request.

Property Rights
Neither the course material of all our courses nor any part of it may be copied or reproduced in any form or by any means, or translated into another language, without the prior written consent of SAS Belgium-Luxembourg.

Please be aware that no other organization may use our education material or any parts of this material during any form of training, seminars, workshops or other types of education and presentation organized in Belgium and Luxembourg without a prior written consent of SAS Belgium-Luxembourg.

SAS is not responsible for misprints, outdated information or accidental errors.