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Why SAS training
SAS believes that training is essential for the successful implementation and the optimal use of software tools. We use a wide range of teaching methods to accommodate various kinds of learning styles. SAS focuses on an active and practice-based way of learning, which allows students to transfer the freshly acquired knowledge into action.

Equipped with the knowledge and the skills, SAS-users are ready to face the diverse and often complex challenges faced by our customers.

DS2: Programming Essentials – 25th & 26th September 2014
This course focuses on DS2, which is a fourth-generation SAS proprietary language for advanced data manipulation. DS2 enables parallel processing and storage of large data with re-usable methods and packages. This course is designed for programmers with large data who want to use modern programming techniques and structures.
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Introduction to Programming with SAS/IML – 2nd & 3rd October 2014
Are you a SAS programmer, statistician, econometrician, engineer, or someone who wishes to manipulate data using matrix operators and matrix algebra? Then this course is for you!
It teaches you how to use the IML procedure via the programming language.
You will benefit from this course if you plan to use SAS/IML for matrix manipulations or if you plan to use it to implement statistical, econometric, or operations research methods.
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Summer Fast Tracks: Learn it. Apply it. Achieve results.

During summer holidays we offer 4 fast tracks to help you on your way in no time !

This curriculum gives you the possibility to be trained at one attractive price.