Documentation and Technical Resources

This is an overview of the resources available to you, should you have SAS related technical question.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Our FAQ library is a collection of the questions most commonly asked of our Customer Support Staff.
  • SAS Notes
    SAS Notes are the primary source of information used by Customer Support consultants to answer questions from our customers. SAS Notes contain the following types of information about SAS software
    • Known problems (and fixes or circumventions where applicable)
    • Usage issues and tips
    • Documentation errors and corrections
    • Compatibility issues
  • SAS Communities
    SAS communities are here to address your needs as a SAS user and offer you an intimate look at new and existing SAS products and solutions. The resources available from each community are provided to enhance your productivity and improve your SAS software experience.
  • Samples and Technical Tips
    Our Samples and Tips includes Quick Tips, SAS Bits and Bytes: How-to advice from the Field, Samples from Customer Support Consultants and Developers, and a Technical Tips Archive.
  • Install center (SAS®9)
    Installation instructions and system requirements for SAS®9 installation process.
  • Hot Fixes
    Hot Fixes address software issues uncovered by customer applications. For some customers, a Hot Fix provides a quick solution to an immediate problem. For others, it is system maintenance. Hot fixes have been tested and are fully supported.
  • Administrator Documentation
    Administrator Documentation includes Pre-SAS®9 documents : Alert Notes, Installation Instructions, System Requirements, and Setinit Instructions.
  • Emergency Setinits (SAS 6.09E / 6.12 / 8.x)
    For emergency situations, you can download a temporary product authorisation code that will extend the use of your licensed SAS software products for 6 days.
  • Emergency SID (SAS 9.x)

For more information please visit the Customer Support Website.