Reporting for Small and Midsize Business

Quickly build and share reports. Find hidden relationships in your data. Make better decisions, faster.

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Business intelligence – in your hands

You need to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Can you do it without pressuring IT? With SAS, you can access and explore data visually, and create reports quickly using customizable templates and graphics – all while IT maintains control of the data. So you have the power to make better decisions, faster.

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Get connected with your data

Business data comes to life when you connect with it through a dynamic, interactive environment. Take a permanent break from the world of rows, columns and static reports. SAS lets you visually explore data, then drill down to find hidden relationships, see trends over time and investigate patterns. Work with your data the way you prefer. Make data discovery fun.

Making decisions together

Make better decisions – together

To make good decisions, you often need input from colleagues. But distance, departmental boundaries and time lags can make it hard to share ideas, discuss options and reach joint conclusions. SAS has customizable dashboards and portals to make sharing information easy. Use automated workflow alerts to prompt actions. Email reports and comments using Microsoft Office. It's a better way to share.

Reporting Software for Small and Midsize Business

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