SAS® for Small and Midsize Business


Our road map: Plan better. Work smarter. Act faster.

Want to take your business to the next level? SAS has a road map to get you there. Our integrated capabilities in data management, analytics and reporting are designed and priced for small and midsize businesses. They work together – or separately – to get you better … smarter … faster. So go ahead – take your business where you want it to be.

  1. Road Map
  2. Data Management
  3. Analytics & Forecasting
  4. Reporting
  5. Visualization

Why Choose SAS?

SAS modular building blocks

Integrated. Modular. Solutions that grow with you.

Want to address all your data concerns, or just focus on what matters most today? SAS has you covered. Our fully integrated solutions for data management, analytics and reporting are designed to work independently, or together. Start with what you need today, and add more as you go. No hidden integration costs. No surprises.

Rich capabilities from SAS

Rich capabilities priced right

Ever feel locked out of the chance to get the solutions you need because of the cost? Tired of piecing together off-the-shelf software from different vendors – and still not getting what you need? Get the best of all worlds from SAS. Data management, analytics, forecasting and reporting – all at a price that fits your budget.

Microsoft Office integration

Easy-to-use solutions for all

There’s no point in having software that does amazing things if you can’t use it. Get more out of your data using rich visualization tools, prebuilt models, and interactive, point-and-click interfaces – no coding required. You can even work in a Microsoft Office environment. Versatile tools work for all users.

SAS Support

Implementation and support, backed by SAS

With some vendors, you never know what price you'll pay for implementation when all is said and done. Not true with SAS. We give you a fixed price up front – and we stick to it. Once you're up and running, you get our award-winning support services at no extra cost. You also get plenty of extras: reference information, educational resources and user communities.

SAS® Software for Small and Midsize Business

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