Data Management for Small and Midsize Business

Access, integrate and cleanse all your data – for a complete picture of your business.

Data coming from different sources

Connect with all your data

Is your data spread across multiple systems and sources? Are you always waiting for IT to give you access to the right data? With SAS, you can connect with all your data no matter where it resides, without any help from IT. Get seamless, out-of-the-box access to data from emails, call centers, websites, databases, ERP systems, PC files and more – in all types of systems and formats.

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Integrate all your data – for a complete picture

Different kinds of data may tell different kinds of stories. But if you can’t integrate it in a way that gives consistent insight – based on all the facts – you only have a partial view of your business. SAS shows you the full story of what’s happening with your customers, products and operations – everything it takes to run your business better.

Screens showing SAS Data Management

Clean, accurate data – without the guesswork

To make good decisions for your business and address regulatory requirements, your data has to be high-quality, timely and accurate. SAS helps you cleanse data, spot anomalies, identify relationships, remove inaccuracies and standardize on common values.

Data Management Software for Small and Midsize Business

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