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SAS Office Analytics

Beyond Excel: True analytics within your reach

Stuck in the world of Excel? Constrained by data limitations, formula errors and flat, static views? Escape with advanced analytics from SAS. Explore and analyze data visually in an interactive environment. You even have the option to work in Microsoft Office. See all the possibilities – with easy, intuitive tools.


Hindsight is not always 20-20

Want to surge ahead of the competition? Simple query-and-reporting and OLAP drill-down tools only give a rearview perspective on what happened, where and when. But you can't plan for the future just based on the past. SAS shows you not only the current state of affairs, but also what’s most likely to happen next, so you can manage your business proactively and get the results you want.

Plan with confidence

Plan with confidence

Wondering how economic volatility, competitive activity, consumer trends and seasonal variations will affect your business? SAS shows how multiple variables can influence your future. Run what-if scenarios and test your current strategies with SAS. Plan for all the possibilities – with confidence.

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Go from here – to goal

Not all business goals are equal. Should you focus on increasing market share or making more profit? Your actions could mean meeting one of your goals – but compromising on others. SAS helps you choose the strategy that's optimal for your business. Model various scenarios and test your hypotheses to know what's best. Go from here – to goal.

Analytics and Forecasting Software for Small and Midsize Business

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