Intelligence Solutions

Why do you pour so much effort into accumulating, storing and managing information? Unless there's a way to use that information to drive your business forward, all that data means nothing.

Real intelligence in business is about using your accumulated knowledge to create new knowledge - new intelligence - so you can respond quickly to changes and challenges in today's business environment.

Only SAS creates intelligence. Giving you the power to understand, and solve, your real-world dilemmas. And enabling decision makers throughout your enterprise to move forward with confidence and clarity.

We call this The Power to Know®, and SAS delivers it through software and services that drive the intelligent enterprise.


To lead with confidence and outpace competitors, you need to make accurate decisions faster than ever. SAS equips your organization for success by helping you answer more questions, for more people, across more departments, than any other analytic applications suite provider.

We're the world's primary source for business analytics that deliver the ability to learn from the past, monitor and communicate the present and gain insight into the future. With SAS you'll have a strategy-focused view of customer behavior and profitability, supplier spending, employee retention, financial performance and internal processes.

With more than 25 years of leadership in business intelligence, SAS has provided thousands of organizations the agility to identify and act on opportunities faster than the competition.

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