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SAS BeLux Update e-newsletter delivers vital business and technology news right to your desktop via the Web.
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SAS BeLux Academic e-Newsletter

SAS Academic Newsletter

SAS Belgium & Luxembourg also issues a quarterly e-newsletter specially focused on the Academic World.

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SAScom Magazine

SAScom Magazine

SAScom magazine is published quarterly by SAS.

It has been created for business and IT decision makers and is distributed globally. The magazine's focus is all about implementing proven business practices, making sense of data, and bringing people and technology together to achieve business goals.

Each issue of this quarterly magazine includes commentaries from business, IT and industry experts, as well as articles featuring the latest advances in SAS software and strategies.

The subscription is free.
The information is priceless.

You can choose to subscribe to the printed version which is paper mailed to your office on a quarterly base. Or you can choose to read the SAScom magazine online.

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