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SAS Forum Belgium & Luxembourg took place on 3 October. More than 700 people attended this opportunity to experience The Power to Know. If you couldn’t attend, you can get an impression of this day on our web site where you can find pictures, presentations, and the names of all Award winners.

SAS® Visual Analytics was one of the main topics and you have more opportunities to experience the power of SAS Visual Analytics soon. Check out the “Day with Your Data” workshops on 14 or 29 November or 10 December.  At these workshops, you can bring out your best data visualization talents & skills and demonstrate those using SAS Visual Analytics. You bring your own data or a sample of it, we load the data in Visual Analytics. At the end of the day you can present reports that are attractive, interactive and meaningful to your business.  Experience the Power to Know!

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    *Did you know thatů

  • Belgium’s Special Tax Inspectorate has nearly eradicated carousel fraud in Belgium & cuts fraud losses by 98%. How? Read it here.

  • Belgium’s leading property web site now uses SAS Visual Analytics. Read hear what they use it for in Dutch or French.

  • Roularta Media Group selected SAS® Visual Analytics for off-line mobile KPI reporting. Click to read more in EnglishFrenchDutch.

  • 28 September was “Dag van de Klant” – “Jour du Client”, but are organizations in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands really customer centric? Click to read the conclusions from SAS/InSites research in Dutch or French.

  • When protecting themselves and customers against credit risk, banks fare best when a single platform meets both business needs and regulatory requirements (Chartis). Read more.


Check out our events web site for an overview of all events in the near future.

14, 29 November, 2 December - A Day with your Data - SAS Tervuren

Day with your DataBring your own data (or a sample) and work with SAS Visual Analytics to prepare attractive, interactive reports that are meaningful to your business. Discover more on this event’s web site.


12 November - Business Analytics Insights 2013 - BA4All

Business Analytics Insights 2013With a presentation from SAS & Immoweb on How to Get Your Data Talk!
More information on the BA4All web site

20 November - 4Instance - Securing the Internet Economy

4Instance - Securing the Internet EconomySecuring the Internet Economy - Legislation - Threats - Trends - Strategy


21 & 22 November - IBF Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning conference

IBF Supply Chain Forecasting & Planning conferenceWith presentations from SAS customers Nestlé and Swarovski. Information on IBF web site.


21 November - Belgian Insurance Conference - Kluwer

Belgian Insurance ConferenceSupported by SAS.



SAS Training – Autumn Fast Tracks
Learn it. Apply it. Achieve results.
Upon general request we have planned extra sessions. Train your team members before the end of the year and get them on their way in no time!
Platform Administration (18 – 22 Nov. 2013) 
SAS Office Analytics (20 – 22 Nov. 2013)
SAS Visual Analytics (2 – 4 Dec. 2013)
Data Integration Studio (9 – 13 Dec. 2013)






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