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On 27 February we launched SAS® Visual Analytics in Belgium & Luxembourg. Through a live demo, a customer testimonial, industry-specific demonstrations and hands-on sessions, more than 300 attendees discovered the value SAS Visual Analytics can bring to any company; data visualization, easy analytics, robust reporting and mobile BI.

No matter the size of your organization – or your data – with SAS Visual Analytics you can explore all relevant data quickly and easily. You can look at more options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and make more precise decisions to drive success faster than ever before. Self-service, ad hoc visual data discovery and exploration put fast insights within everyone's reach.

Go to the SAS Visual Analytics web site and look at one of the demonstrations with reports by industry or by role. And if you are ready to see the full capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics, you can register online and get full access to explore data and build reports yourself!

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    Using metadata-bound libraries to protect your SAS datasets.
    Did you ever want to protect a SAS dataset through metadata? It works fine.  But you must protect the table at Operating system level, if you want to make sure clever users (i.e. using Enterprise Guide) do not use a simple "libname" statement to access the data directly.

    Starting in SAS 9.3, a new metadata feature allows you to protect SAS datasets or views by refusing any non-authorized access: the metadata-bound library. Each physical table within a metadata-bound library has information in its header that points to a metadata object. The binding ensures that SAS universally enforces metadata-layer permission requirements for the physical table.

    You can read in the full documentation how it works, what the benefits and limitations are and who should use it.



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