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  • FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and EnvironmentThe Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment is responsible for developing and implementing health related policies in Belgium. As such, it collects medical data from a variety of sources and in different formats. To ensure a consistent data quality, the FPS Public Health is using SAS Business Analytics.
  • FPS Social SecurityProactive evaluation of social policies
  • FPS Social SecuritySAS data mining does the trick at FPS Social Security
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica - Janssen Research Foundationcreated a competitive edge for its scientists by developing systems that speed up the delivery of knowledge to researchers.
  • KBCEnhanced fraud detection at KBC Bank. SAS reporting tool increases inspection efficiency
  • Record BankRecord Bank: SAS analytics improves campaign returns
  • RVA - ONEMInformation-driven Belgian National Employment Office improves its decision making
  • Scientific Institute of Public HealthQuicker dissemination of vital information. SAS Intrnet® makes health data more accessible.
  • UCLSequencing the genomes of the world's leading crops with SAS
  • Ugine & ALZEarly Adopter Ugine & ALZ discovers the value the SAS®9 platform can bring to an ever-changing business environment.
  • Université Catholique de LouvainTogether with SAS Partner Outwares, UCL used SAS software to develop a rapid, transparent method of diffusing scientific information.
  • ZapFiZapFi deploys consumer analytics to boost mobile marketing

Business Intelligence

  • AXA BankAXA Bank reduces risk with SAS... and improves its portfolio management.
  • BNP Paribas fortisFortis Bank chose SAS IT Resource Management to plan its capacity requirements and avoid service problems due to lack of capacity.
  • BNP Paribas FortisSAS Enterprise Miner offers clean, reliable data, more relevant and cost-effective campaigns and better response rates.
  • ColruytIncreased marketing efficiency through selectivity
  • EscapoBetter forecasts and better access to SAP
  • Federal Public Service EconomyHow many employees are likely to take their pension at the end of the year? What is the rate of absenteeism, and is it higher in certain departments? To answer these types of questions rapidly and precisely, the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy decided to implement a reporting tool on an existing SAS-based data warehouse. SAS makes it possible to bring together various types of data from two databases, while improving reporting speed and data quality. The tool is accessible over a secured internal portal, making staff-related information available to a larger number of users.
  • Federal Public Service EmploymentImproving the follow-up of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Ghent Correctional FacilityImproving performance of prison management.
  • INGuses a SAS-based Large Corporate Risk Rating Model.
  • INGSAS and Python Predictions enable the creation of ING’s Proactive Targeting Framework
  • Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenCredit-risk solutions based on neural networks.
  • LandbouwkredietSmarter risk management enables more business
  • La PosteImproved customer service and advice
  • Le ForemSAS Activity-Based Management provides greater insight into the true cost of training services.
  • NMBS - SNCBStreamlined reporting at all corporate levels. SAS drives Web-based Management Information System
  • OvertoomBetter response thanks to customized mailings
  • Record BankEfficient ALM reporting in an ever-changing environment
  • RSVZ-INASTIImproved information sharing, optimal use of available data and financial resources, and increased productivity. These were the targets set by the Belgian National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-Employed (RSVZ-INASTI). Implementing a SAS Business Analytics environment has been instrumental in helping RSVZ-INASTI achieve these objectives. The use of the SAS-based dynamic dashboards and balanced scorecards has improved the monitoring of internal processes. The result is more timely and efficient decisions and improvement in the overall performance of the organization.
  • SecuraAdvanced reporting accelerates efficiency
  • Touring AssurancesUses SAS to become the first, most profitable, and most customer-focussed direct retail insurer, with the best service level
  • Touring AssurancesBetter insight into market and in-house performance
  • TruvoCutting workload planning from days to minutes
  • Ugine & ALZQuality control, customer service, stock management, production planning and cost-benefit analyses with SAS data warehousing solutions
  • Vlerick Leuven Gent Management SchoolJoint research program helps companies maximize their benefits from using BI systems.

Data Integration

  • NuonImproved business reporting in the energy sector
  • SecurexSAS® reporting tools benefit Securex and its customers alike
  • Ugine & ALZQuality control, customer service, stock management, production planning and cost-benefit analyses with SAS data warehousing solutions
  • Watson WyattSAS powers worldwide HR data generation system

Data Management

  • Federal Public Service FinanceFederal Public Service Finance uses SAS analytics to master huge fiscal database
  • Federal Public Service JusticeDevelop a data warehouse and BI portal with validated information as well as effective tools to support the decision making, the management, and the monitoring of the execution of business processes.
  • RVA - ONEMBelgian employment office benefits from better data quality and reporting speed
  • SecurexCleaning up the client relations database and then keeping it clean