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The corporate intelligence that is housed in your data is unique, defining the diverse facets of who you are, what you have accomplished and how you can succeed. At SAS, we are committed to helping you transform this raw data into vital enterprise intelligence by delivering the technical solutions and services you need. We blend award-winning software with flexible business and technical consulting services to turn your business strategies into a real competitive advantage.

Consulting Services

Business Services
  • Assessment
  • Rapid Result
  • Value Optimization
Project Implementation Services
  • Full Implementation
  • Project Co-ordination
  • Coaching

Consulting Partners

In Belgium and Luxembourg, we have a quite extensive network of dedicated partners helping our common customers make the best out of SAS Solutions. SAS Certified Partners represent an extremely wide range of business, technological, vertical Industry, and solution expertise. They all meet the same high standards of market knowledge, vision, integrity, and customer satisfaction that SAS sets for itself.

SAS Consultants

Over the last years, SAS has also grown a strong service capability that complements our partners network in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Our local consultants deliver a wide range of added-value services. They bring business experience and technical expertise to your projects and help you optimize the use of your SAS software. Working with SAS consultants on your project guarantees successful implementations and return on investment in an agreed limited timeframe. Thanks to our proven methodologies and their iterative approach.