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SAS Consultants

We've been partnering with our customers to solve their business problems for more than a quarter-century. Our consultants take the time to listen and learn about your business challenges and enterprise goals to establish a foundation for strategic advancement. This enables us to deliver the right SAS technology and tailored services to solve your unique business requirements.

We have amassed in-depth industry knowledge and domain expertise and we leverage industry and technology best practices and proven methodologies. Throughout your service engagement, our expert consultants share their vast knowledge and real world experience with your staff so they can manage the results of the project independently. The SAS Consulting team is dedicated to your long-term success and to accelerating The Power to Know®.

  • SAS consultants are business and Industry experts, application developers, project managers, statisticians, and other business and IT professionals.
  • All our consultants are SAS Certified developers . In addition they are permanently trained in the latest SAS technology and go through a training path of consulting and project management skills.
  • They can work in an English, French or Dutch environment and in different business areas. As a result, the teams provided by SAS offer a mix of skills and are highly flexible.
  • SAS not only offers you experienced people but people who can play different roles on your projects depending on your business, technical and resources needs.

Project Roles & Responsibilities of SAS Consultants

Project Manager

  • Coordinates with client's project manager and acts as liaison between team and end users.
  • Responsible for the overall project planning and progress monitoring.

System Architect

  • Develops System requirements.
  • Derforms architectural design of the system and data modeling.
  • Develops acceptance and system test plans.

Construction Manager

  • Coordinates day-to-day activities of the development team.
  • Develops or oversees development of software units.
  • Develops integration test plans and perform integration tests.


  • Codes Software Unit and writes and executes Unit Test Plans.

Business Analyst

  • Helps the project team in defining the business process and the business systems requirements.
  • Helps identify and evaluate the business value of the project.

Technology Specialist

  • Helps team to select an appropriate set of technologies during Solution Definition and ensures they are being correctly utilized.
  • Helps team with implementation issues during the Construction Phase.


  • Assists the project team through the design and construction phases, on a regular basis (e.g. 1 day per week).
  • Follows the work done by the project team, performs quality checks and provides ad hoc advice.
  • Ensures the transfer of knowledge to the people responsible of the systems at the customer site (one to two days per week).