SAS Academic Program

Commitment to research

SAS not only has its roots in the Academic world, but is also committed to education and research. More than a third of our annual revenue is reinvested in research & development.

This is why SAS will gladly investigate all requests for support of interesting research projects.


SAS believes that it is very important to share its years of experience, its solutions and technology with students and teachers. SAS offers teachers and students easy access to a complete offering of software and solutions. By doing so, SAS builds a closer relationship with universities, highschools and research institutions, being a "business window" for them and bridging the gap between Academics and Business.



Goals & Benefits of the SAS Academic Program

SAS Institute's Academic roots

SAS, founded in 1976 by Dr. James H. Goodnight, was originally developed to analyze agricultural data at North Carolina State University. It is not surprising then that SAS always maintained its ties to higher education and research.

Although SAS stands for much more than statistics nowadays, being the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence, SAS is committed to continuous development and enhancement of new software to support statistical methodologies.

SAS continues to add capabilities to its arsenal of statistical techniques and continues to widen its scope of statistical analysis.

  • Ensure easy and wide SAS software access
    SAS seeks to support and encourage the use of SAS software for educational and research purposes as well as for business purposes (internships, stages). Teachers, students and researchers from participating institutions are therefore entitled to install and use the SAS software for educational and research purposes both at the institution and on their private computers.
    A special work placement agreement between SAS Institute, the institution, the student and the company allows the student to install and use any part of the SAS System during the work placement.
  • Share & Exchange knowledge and experience at our annual local SAS user forum or during one of our business seminars
  • Provide students with valuable technical and analytical skills that are in demand on the job market
  • SAS Institute will organise dedicated free knowledge seminars for students, teachers and researchers, about a wide range of topics (such as statistics, data & text mining, operational research, business intelligence , ...)
  • The Academic Program entitles students and teachers to attend courses at special rates:
    • special academic conditions for dedicated courses on SAS® Enterprise Guide and on Statistical Analysis
    • a 75% discount on standard course prices public courses.
  • Collaboration and participation
    SAS is willing to support some of the congresses and seminars that your institution organizes. If you want someone from SAS to present a paper on statistical and/or business oriented topicsr during your seminar or event, please contact us.
  • The whole SAS documentation is available online as well as a set of brochures, papers and technical documents that can be downloaded for free.
  • Teachers, students and researchers from participating institutions are entitled to a 20% discount on SAS publications.

Licensing Policy

SAS’ key software packages are bundled into special Academic Packages, available at a strongly reduced fee. We can offer you three different Academic Licenses:

  • Campus License
  • Faculty License
  • Chair License

For more information please contact us.

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