No. 4 / 2010
SAS Adriatic Region Newsletter

HR News

Polona Novak | SAS Adriatic Region
HR Manager

It is my pleasure to introduce our 3 additional new team members we will close the year with:

Vedrana Istuk

Vedrana Ištuk joined us in the middle of November and is bringing valuable experience in banking and credit scoring into Analytical Practice.

In December we welcomed:

Katarina Pevcevic

Katarina Pevčević, Data Integration Consultant empowered our Implementation and Technology Practice, with focus on providing SAS consulting services to our clients in banking.

Bojan Pavlovic

Bojan Pavlović also joined our colleagues in Implementation and Technology Practice as experienced Business Intelligence Consultant focused on telecommunications initiative.

“42”.The number of SAS Adriatic Region employees we are entering 2011 with. “The answer to life, the universe and everything” if you ask Google. We might not have all the answers but we will sure do our best to continue giving you THE POWER TO KNOW®.



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