No. 4 / 2010
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Katarina Milic


Katarina Milić | SAS Adriatic Region
Marketing Coordinator

Dear friends,

With the end of the year approaching, there is always something to remember and something new to look forward to.

In this, our first year as Adriatic Region Newsletter, we will remember the most popular articles. Personally, you can like or dislike the writing style, agree or disagree with stated opinions, but the data is always correct … and the data states that these articles are read by most of you.

In her article Jelena Stojanović looks at another perspective of data, the data that surrounds us as part of our everyday lives. The advantages of applying analytics and transforming this data into useful information remains yet to be discovered and gives us something to look forward to.

And to add something that doesn’t change with years: The more data you collect, the more data you analyze, it will be easier to understand the past, predict the future and feel more confident about the present … if only Santa knew this in time...

We wish you nice holidays and look forward to another successful year together!

Jelena Stojanovic

M2M Challenge

Jelena Stojanović | Telekom Srbija a.d.
Director of Marketing and Sales

Shocking vision of 50 billion of connected machines that was announced by one of the major players in telecommunication industry in February 2010, is being repeated like a mantra ever since. It even managed to attract the attention of media outside the telecommunication arena (we all know how much journalists like numbers, not to mention huge numbers like this).. ...more


Most popular articles in 2010

Predrag Culibrk

SAS visiting

Predrag Ćulibrk | Telekomunikacije RS (m:tel)
General Director

Banja Luka, 9 April 2010

Four pillars of sustainable growth

After having congratulated Predrag Ćulibrk on the growth recorded in 2009, we opened our conversation with the question of whether growth was a strategic goal for this year, too, or whether the company was planning to focus more on maintaining its position. The answer could be put in a nutshell, saying “sustainable growth”, and divided into two parts ...more

Katarina Milic

Discovery Workshop

Katarina Milić | SAS Adriatic Region
Marketing Coordinator

As a marketer, almost everything I do revolves around being aware of current company activities, which is why it shouldn’t be surprising that I am pleased about our open-space seating arrangement. It increases the flow of information, and as result I mostly have no need to ask specific questions to gain deeper understanding of ongoing initiatives and projects. ...more

Marko Tutunovic

CRM: A sustainable good idea

Marko Tutunović | SAS Adriatic Region
Director, Professional Services and Delivery

The influential French writer and politician Victor Hugo left us many thoughts which are still popular quotes today, one of the most frequently used being his thought about the power of a good idea. According to Hugo, nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come. Even though he placed this thought in a political context, the quote is also helpful in the business world if, considering currently dynamic trends, it is complemented by the term “sustainability”. ...more

HR News

Polona Novak | SAS Adriatic Region
HR Manager

It is my pleasure to introduce our 3 additional new team members we will close the year with. ...more


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