No. 3 / 2010
SAS Adriatic Region Newsletter

HR News

Polona Novak | SAS Adriatic Region
Human Resources Manager

Our team empowered with three new members. Let us shortly introduce them to you.

Predrag Budimir

Predrag Budimir, Customer Intelligence Consultant possesses many years of relevant experience in Customer Relationship Management within banking world. Hence he is our valuable asset in Customer Value practice.

Davorin Javor

Davorin Javor was one of the first employees when SAS started business in Croatia and we are delighted to have him back on board. Davorin has a proven track record in sales, including many years within SAS. He now joined our team as Business Development Manager for the region.

Dragan Jovićević

Dragan Jovićević, Data Integration and Data Quality Consultant with over 10 years of experience in Telecommunication Industry providing customer services including system integration and implementation, customer support and network management.

And with these 3 new hires we have empowered our team with 10 new valuable members, where seven of them were presented to you in previous newsletter. We know they have the world full of choices and we truly appreciate that they have chosen SAS.