Second Quarter 2010
SAS Adriatic Region Newsletter

Katarina Milic


Katarina Milić | SAS Adriatic Region
Marketing Coordinator

Dear friends,

In this edition of our newsletter we have two gests and three articles. You can read answers of Gabor Altmann, Chief Sales Officer of Makedonski Telekom, to our questions, article of Milan Culibrk, Editor in Chief of Ekonom:east magazine about exchange rate regime in the region and article of our colleague Marko Krneta writing about exchange rate fluctuation from credit risk perspective.

Gabor Altmann


Gabor Altmann | T-Mobile Macedonia
Chief Sales Officer

Gabor’s bio on the web is short but full of facts which are telling us that his career is oriented to strategy, marketing and sales. Find out what are his answers to our questions. ...more

Katarina Milic

Exchange rate regime

Milan Ćulibrk | Econom:east media group
Editor-in-chief of Ekonom:east magazine

Since the breakout of the global financial crisis that had also engulfed all countries of the region, the life is much more difficult for the ministers than the governors of the central banks. Finally, if this was publicly admitted by  Petar Gošev, the Governor of the National Bank of Macedonia beginning of June at the regional Summit of the Governors of Central Banks and Ministers of Finance of the Western Balkans, he should be trusted to know. The more so as Gošev had also been the Minister of Finance at one time, so that he can make an assessment based on his own experience. ...more

Katarina Milic

Currency-induced credit risk

Marko Krneta | SAS Adriatic Region

I bet my house

Borrowing money from the bank is a sophisticated bet on yourself and your capabilities. David Bowie had a strong belief in the quality of his work when in 1997, he issued a ten-year bond with a 7.9% interest rate, backed by his album royalties. Similarly, first few months of the 2010 saw a significant number of people in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia confidently venturing to buy a real estate using borrowed money and by doing so deciding to sacrifice the lion's share of their income for the next 30 years. ...more


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