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SAS User Groups provide an excellent opportunity to meet other SAS users, share knowledge and experience, and learn more about SAS solutions from colleagues and peers. Whether you're a seasoned SAS software user with experiences to share or a newcomer who'd like to interact with other users, a user group is an excellent way to help you get the most value from your SAS technology.

User groups offer a unique opportunity to:

  • enhance your understanding of SAS software and services
  • exchange ideas about using SAS technology and services
  • learn about the latest SAS products and services
  • have more influence over the direction of SAS software and services.

User groups offer a variety of benefits depending on their individual structures and activities. Users participating in the different programs may experience many of the following personal and professional benefits:

  • increased efficiency and productivity through increased exposure to
    • new coding techniques
    • analysis techniques
    • SAS applications
  • opportunities to polish your interpersonal, writing, presentation,and leadership skills
  • enhanced understanding of SAS' software and service
  • networking and idea sharing with other SAS professionals.





Carol Hardy
Level 2, 10 Rudd Street
Canberra ACT 2601
ph: +61-2 6268 6666
fx: +61-2 6230 4441
Marna Smit
300 Burns Bay Road
Lane Cove NSW 2066
ph: +61-2 9428 0431
fx: +61-2 9428 0544
Alice Conomos
Level 2, 1 Eagle Street
Waterfront Place
Brisbane QLD 4000
ph: +61-7 3233 3310
fx: +61-7 3220 2220
Georgia Hill
Level 6,
436 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
ph: +61-3 9864 8222
fx: +61-3 9864 8200




Michael Winter
Level 2,
182 St George's Terrace
Perth WA 6000
ph: +61-8 9215 9400
Anna Pelesikoti
Level 12, 89 The Terrace
Wellington NZ
ph: +64-4 917 6800
fx: +64-4 917 6823

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