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The SAS Graduate Program


After I graduated in Belgium, I was eager to move to Australia to start my career and build a life under the sun.

I asked my professor for advice, as he often delivers lectures for SAS around the globe. He told me all about SAS and how he absolutely would recommend applying here. Thus I started learning about the company, the culture and all the amazing achievements SAS made. The more I learnt, the more convinced I was that I wanted to work for SAS.

I was lucky to be offered a work placement program for 6 months after I had a meeting with the Academic Program Manager. I was over the moon happy and have been with SAS now for almost 2 years after they offered me a permanent position. I could not imagine working anywhere else and coming to work every day is an affirmation that I have made the right choice.

My peers as well as my managers have welcomed me in the nicest way and made me part of this wonderful organization. SAS Australia has made my move overseas smooth in addition to giving me the opportunity to start a wonderful career in the area of business analytics.


SAS Graduate ProgramThe Graduate program is a 12 month fixed contract that introduces 4 graduates per year to the company for training and development.

The Graduate program has been designed and implemented strategically in order to make the most of the 12 months for those in the program. It provides training, test application of the knowledge learned and hands-on experience with customer solutions and on client site work.

The program is split into 3 stages. The first stage is 5 months of product training and learning all areas of the business, supplemented with mentoring by senior technology support staff. The second is 3 months of test application to make use of the training. The third stage offers opportunities to use knowledge, through engagement in customer issues, and pursue specific and focused work, based on preferences.

The SAS Graduate program has maintained over 84% of its Graduates as SAS staff, within the last 10 years.

Both the Graduate program and the Work Placement Student program offer an invaluable opportunity and allow a smooth transition from student/graduate to a full-time employee.

Customer View on the SAS Graduate Program:

"The program is excellent, particularly the provision of a temporary SAS license throughout the duration of the program. This greatly improves the effectiveness of the student. For companies that do not have access to additional SAS licenses, the SAS work placement program has a strong advantage over other student programs. The duration of around 8 weeks is sufficient for the student to develop an understanding of the business and be able to contribute positively."

Stephen Wilson (Chubb Insurance Company of Australia)