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Employee Culture

Team SASSAS ANZ company values, mission and vision are applied through the strong culture known as Team SAS, which at its heart is all about participation. Team SAS is about employees getting involved and looking at the issues facing the business and being actively involved in providing solutions. As an example, Company events are designed and run by the employees, not by management. This creates a greater feeling of ownership, camaraderie and responsibility for delivering the right outcome.  It also harvests a feeling and culture of trust, where management trust their employees to participate and lead, and this trust translates into employee satisfaction and motivation.

Team SASThe high value placed on employees resulted in SAS establishing a comprehensive program under the banner 'Team SAS’ which is comprised of employees who volunteer their time to work on projects with the sole purpose of making SAS a better place for all employees.  This has resulted in several major initiatives, from formal training of each employee on behaviour to reviewing company provided benefits.

Employees at SAS are empowered to make SAS a better place to work. We truly believe that the power is in their hands to create a better future today.