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Development at SAS

SAS training roomAll employees of SAS have Development Objectives in their performance plans and they are encouraged to participate in training to improve their learning, growth and to develop their careers.

The majority of the development opportunities at SAS are targeted at, and relate to, the accomplishment of role responsibilities. There is a very comprehensive Learning and Development (L&D) program that starts from the day employees join with a six month development plan put in place.

As part of Development and role responsibility HR has also implemented a system called "Success Factors" which assists employees to stay on target with their goals, KPI's, expectations and responsibilities. Instead of just evaluating performance once annually, each employee goes through their success factors at various points through the year to evaluate their progress and work with their manager to achieve their targeted outcomes.

SAS has state-of-the-art education and training facilities at SAS HQ in Sydney where training is offered to external clients, but it also remains available to staff to participate in courses and SAS training at no cost to the employee.