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Darryl Fox
(Northern Region)
Tel: 0417 231 874

Natalie Gloufchev
(Southern Region)
Tel: 0415 828 988

"Our services combine a breadth of business experience with state of the art technology to turn your strategies into a true competitive advantage."
Graham Puglisi
Director Of Professional Services
SAS Australia and New Zealand


SAS® Managed Services

SAS® Managed Services are designed to ensure that your team spend their valuable time realising the benefits of your solution, rather than managing it.

As experts in our own software, there are many advantages compared to a traditional IT hosting facility:

  • Expert SAS software installation and release migration.
  • Optimum system configuration for SAS.
  • Facilitation of the resolution of problems that can’t be resolved with remote assistance.
  • Facilitation of system upgrades or infrastructure modernisation.
  • Expert proactive data management to ensure either optimum productivity of your analysts or quality of reporting.
  • Single point of contact for problems and new requirements.

In short, we can, within the boundaries that you set, become a valued part of your extended virtual team..

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