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"Our services combine a breadth of business experience with state of the art technology to turn your strategies into a true competitive advantage."
Graham Puglisi
Director Of Professional Services
SAS Australia and New Zealand


SAS® ConsultingEducation Services

From initial assessment to ongoing management, SAS® Consulting helps you reap the benefits of our software and solutions fast. Our consultants listen and learn about your organisation before providing the right answers.

SAS Consulting provides expert advice and help at all stages in a project's life cycle. Specific services range from solution discovery workshops, through to cleaning and analysing your data, evaluating your architecture, and implementing the right business solution to address your needs. We provide all the help you need to drive project success.

SAS Consulting has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 . This covers the delivery of production systems as well as the provision of service-based consulting. All of our consultants are also SAS certified professionals.

SAS® Architecture Review

Provides expert advice to help you to optimise your use of the SAS® Business Analytics Framework by improving the effectiveness of your enterprise architecture.

This will enable you to improve the efficiency of your IT processes, manage your IT costs and provide mission-critical analytical services.

Download SAS® Architecture Review Brief

SAS® Discovery Service: Phase Zero

Before embarking upon a business analytics project, our highly focused SAS® Discovery Service: Phase Zero will deliver you an initial project charter, technical architecture document and estimated project plan. These will enable you to begin scoping your proposed project in terms of costs, timescales and objectives.

Download SAS Discovery Service Phase Zero Brief

SAS®9 Migration Service

Provides a framework for managing and completing your migration to SAS®9, and follows a well defined methodology that includes assessment, planning, execution, validation and delivery phases. A methodology that adapts to your needs for today and beyond.

Download SAS®9 Migration Service Brief

Data Quality Audit

Offers a rigorous approach to exploring and resolving data quality issues across an organisation by providing you with an accurate picture of the state of your data and a roadmap to improvement.

Download Data Quality Audit Brief

SAS® Analytic Modelling Service

Develops models that generate rapid returns from your data. Whether the model involves profiling and segmentation, retention, response modelling, profitability, basket analysis, or next logical product, our analytical consultants will develop a model that will quickly add value to your organisation.

Download SAS® Analytic Modelling Service Brief

SAS® Data Mining Service

Leverages the expertise and real-world experience of SAS' analytics consultants to use data mining techniques and SAS® Enterprise Miner™ for the discovery and definition of critical business and customer information.

Download Data Mining Service Brief

SAS® Business Intelligence Service

Provides the skills and support you need to answer crucial business questions and maintain a competitive marketedge. Supporting every functional area of your enterprise, our service provides the extensive domain expertise, expert project management and technical consultancy you need to address critical business issues fast, effectively and at a lower cost than custom-built alternatives.

Download SAS Business Intelligence Service Brief

SAS® Data Integration Service

Provides you with the skills and support you need to use the SAS® Data Integration Server. This allows you to consolidate, clean and structure your data ready for business analysis.

Download Data Integration Service Brief