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For more than three decades, SAS has partnered with educational institutions around the world to help give students the skills and knowledge they need to become tomorrow's leaders. The SAS Australia & New Zealand Academic Program actively supports students who are using SAS technologies through a number of popular programs at little to no cost. For further information on any of these programs, please contact or call +61 2 9428 0410.

Students have several options for getting access to SAS.

SAS from your University

Your University may have an agreement with SAS to distribute SAS directly to you. A quick way to find if your University does is to go to your student home page and locate the SEARCH area. Type in "SAS" or "SAS Software" to see what is returned. You may also find out by contacting your ITS department. If neither of these provide an answer, email SAS at for assistance in finding out if your University participates. SAS also offers students and employees the opportunity to obtain SAS for their home PCs and laptops for academic purposes. Home use is provided at no additional charge and the process is managed by the University often through the ITS department. Find out from your University if home use with the home user agreement is in place.

Using SAS for your academic research

SAS offers many opportunities for students to be rewarded for using SAS successfully in their research.

SAS Graduate Research Fellowship

Share your research with the business community with the SAS Graduate Research Fellowship.

SAS Student Ambassador Program

This competitive program rewards the top student users of SAS in student research and will pay their travel expenses and registration fees to present at SAS Global Forum. Find out more about last year's winners (pdf).

Present at a SAS User Group conference

Great opportunities to network and exchange knowledge are yours when you present at or attend a SAS user group conference. Papers should spotlight how SAS is used, a tip/trick to use SAS, and can be for any level of SAS user.

Get data, examples and tips/tricks

SAS Online Resource for Statistical Education is an excellent resource for example exercises, data, and flash animations that guide you through using SAS Enterprise Guide.