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Software for Academia

Foundation Software (Academic Package)

  • SAS® Education Analytical Suite (EAS)
    For more info and a list of EAS included products please click here (pdf).

JMP and SAS. The best of both.

For students who know their field of study and need to explore or visualise data, JMP is an excellent companion to SAS. A SAS toolbar in JMP provides seamless SAS access. With JMP, students can browse data from a local SAS connection, read and write SAS datasets, remotely submit code to SAS and see the results displayed as JMP interactive graphics.

JMP® Software options for Universities
(no other SAS software required)

JMP® Academic Suite:

Or, standalone JMP® Software:

For single users looking for a perpetual license to access JMP, an option is to purchase a copy of JMP® Software Version 10 for Academics please complete this form and either email to or fax directly to (02) 9428 4759.

SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Suite for administrative use at Universities

SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Suite for Education is a core set of tools for integrating, managing and analysing data, and then deploying information across your school or district. It brings together the knowledge necessary for making informed decisions, taking you beyond the reporting of historical data and giving you the power to look ahead using predictive analytics.

To find out more about how SAS Software for Academia is licensed please click here.