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SAS Knowledge Base
SAS Knowledge Base is a comprehensive resource for users to find the answers to questions on SAS.

Discussion Forum
Share your questions and SAS successes with other SAS customers; pitch in and help someone solve a problem; or just read and learn.

This is THE place where users of SAS can provide factual information and tips on using SAS software

Featured User Blogs

  • Data Steps
    A regularly updated blog about programming with the SAS System.
  • SAS Programming
    Focusing on SAS programming for Data Mining Applications
  • SAS Global Forum
    Peek behind the scenes to find out what’s going on. From pre-conference planning to on-site coverage and post-conference wrap-ups, we’ll cover it all in writing and on video.
  • SAS from Out in Left Field
    This blog is designed to show various ways to use SAS with Microsoft technologies. Hopefully, I can illustrate ways to make these 2 technologies work together and help users out with integration concerns. is an ongoing global community effort—created by SAS users for SAS users. This site is a place to find answers, share technical knowledge, collaborate on ideas and connect with others in the worldwide SAS Community.