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The SAS Academic Club has been established for Academics, Students, University staff and other interested parties. Educational discounts on software, course bookings at SAS, and publications are applicable only for Academic Club members.

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Areas of SAS use: Administration

Areas of Interest


  Statistical Analysis
  Web Reporting
  OLAP reporting
  Data Manipulation
  Business Intelligence


  Data Mining:
  Credit Risk
  Fraud Identification, Classification, Prediction & Prevention
  Direct Marketing
  Customer Segmentation
  Manufacturing Process Improvement
  IT Management Solutions
  Activity-Based Costing Management
  Strategic Performance Management
  Financial Management Solutions
  Supply Chain Optimisation
  Supplier Relationship Management

If the following were available to you, would you be interested in attending or receiving more information? These would be specific to the Universities and would include involvement from both SAS and the University members. (check all that apply)
  Teaching materials
  User group meetings

Are there any specific ideas/suggestions you have that would facilitate your use/your students use of SAS?

Membership is complimentary, and includes the following benefits:

Educational status for purchasing SAS publications, attending courses at SAS, licensing software at educational discount

  • Recognition of your research projects if selected to be published on the Academic Program web pages
  • The latest information about SAS product releases, downloads, promotions and news

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