Training paths

Comprehensive training paths designed specifically for your job role

SAS Foundation
I write SAS programs or use SAS Enterprise Guide to access and manage data and perform complex queries and analyses.

SAS Data Management
Data Integration Developer
I use SAS applications to collect, store, and cleanse data required for reporting and analysis.

SAS Analytics
Statistical Analyst
I write SAS programs or use SAS Enterprise Guide to prepare, analyze, and interpret statistical data.
Market Researcher
I analyze and interpret market research data using SAS programs and applications.
Operation Researcher
I help solve business, manufacturing, transportation, and supply chain issues using operations research and quality control techniques.
JMP Analyst
I use JMP software to dynamically visualize statistical data analyses.
I use SAS applications to develop forecasting models to empower the organization to make informed decisions.

SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence
Business User
I use SAS' point-and-click applications to access existing information as well as create my own reports and analyses.


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