Training formats

Choose from a variety of training formats designed to satisfy your unique learning style.

Classroom training

Courses taught by SAS instructors in real-time at SAS training centers or your location.

Public courses - attend courses at training centers across the country.

Expertly designed instructor-led training delivered at high-tech training centers across the country

Every day SAS instructors help hundreds of professionals master the rich functionality of SAS software. Attend our courses, and you'll benefit from.

  • Having a SAS expert at your side. Certified SAS instructors deliver critical product knowledge and helpful tips using a combination of lectures, software demonstrations, and hands-on workshops.
  • Relevant, up-to-date course content. Our courses are developed in concert with R&D to reflect the latest advancements in SAS technology.
  • An extensive course list to choose from. We schedule more than 100 course topics at all skill levels addressing a complete range of SAS software topics.

On-site training

SAS Onsite Training Service provides you the opportunity to bring SAS software training directly to your organization. With education experts from SAS, you can train your employees in a familiar environment, saving your money for training instead of travel.

On-site training is designed specifically for your organizations when you need:

  • group SAS software training
  • flexible training schedules
  • lower employee travel costs

On-site courses combine lectures, software demonstrations, hands-on computer workshops, and course notes that result in the best learning experience possible. In addition, we will provide a master copy of the course notes.

Business Knowledge Series

Proven Experience, Proven Return on Intelligence

Solve your business problems with a unique training initiative between SAS and industry professionals. New and relevant course content keeps you ahead of evolving trends and the competition.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our global network of professionals through:

  • Focused in-depth topics on the latest business developments
  • Courses that extend traditional SAS software training
  • Interactive lectures, software demonstrations, and hands-on workshops


How to access your e-Learning?

To continue e-Learning that you've already started:
Continue your training where you left off. Select My e-Learning. You'll need to log in to continue with your training.

To activate your e-Learning and get started:
If you purchased e-Learning but have not yet activated it, we have a more streamlined process that differs from the instructions you previously received.

  1. Select My e-Learning
  2. Log in to your existing SAS profile or create a new profile if you don't already have one
  3. Enter the e-Learning activation code you were given and start your training

On Demand

Competing in this new economic climate, while delivering a consistent level of service, requires organizations to rethink their IT delivery strategies and core competencies. The slowdown across IT sectors has reduced budgets and staff – yet demands for new business applications and network processing continue to expand.

As organizations seek to reduce costs and risks, some might find that a tactical, short-term solution is the best way of sustaining flexibility in the uncertain times ahead.

Whether it’s a short- or long-term solution, however, a growing number of organizations are outsourcing business functions to an application service provider (ASP), allowing them to focus on true core competencies, and improve business flexibility and financial viability.

Stay agile with SAS Solutions OnDemand. For the past 10 years, SAS Solutions OnDemand has established a track record of providing organizations with state-of-the-art outsourced applications and the subject matter experts to manage them. The offerings are:

  • Based on the industry’s leading business analytics.
  • Deployed on a shareable and scalable infrastructure specifically designed for the solution at hand.
  • Rooted in industry best practices across a wide breadth of domains.
  • Backed by a 99 percent uptime warranty for near around-the-clock availability.
  • Supported by a financially sound vendor with more than 30 years of customer satisfaction.

SAS Solutions OnDemand offers various options in software-as-a-service (SaaS) and enterprise hosting solutions. Whatever your deployment timelines, staff involvement and business requirements, these managed service solutions will help you stay invested and competitive.