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Our Partners

The SAS Alliance Program in Malaysia brings together a blend of local and global Partners who play an important role in our go to market strategy. Partners complement our software by adding value through domain knowledge and subject matter expertise, systems integration and architecture, data management skills and third party products. With the assistance of Partners, SAS delivers end to end BI solutions to our customers.

Each Partner in the Alliance meets the same high standards of expertise, integrity, and customer satisfaction. They fit within the following categories:

  • Technology Partners
  • Consulting Partnersr
  • Implementation Partners

SAS Global Partners

  • Technology Partners
    • Teradata
    • Hewlett-Packard
  • Consulting Partners
    • Accenture
    • Deloitte Consulting
    • MahindraSatyam
    • TCS
    • HCL
For a complete list of Global SAS partners, use the Complete Partner Listing.

SAS Local Consulting Partners

Becoming SAS Certified Partner
SAS Malaysia is excited to announce a formal SAS Certification program now available to all SAS Alliance Partners, Channels Partner and Implementation Partners. Attaining SAS Certification is a crowning & distinguishing professional achievement. The intent of the SAS Certification program is to set a clear demarcation of technical competency & experience standards within SAS disciplines:

  1. SAS Technology
    • SAS Business Intelligence
    • SAS Data Integration
    • SAS / Enterprise Miner
  2. SAS Performance Management
    • SAS Financial Management
      • Planning and Budgeting
      • Consolidation and Reporting
    • SAS Strategy Management
    • SAS Activity Based Management

SAS Certification benefits
SAS Certification is based on an individual basis. SAS Certification is an elite standard to showcase to potential customers and employers. With permission, SAS Malaysia will publish those partners who attain Certification on our external SAS website.

The Certification list website allows customers to contact those with distinguished honors.

Each Certification certificate is stamped with a unique identification number. This unique identification number can be leveraged for a customer reference & is tracked as a partner consultant continues to build their accomplishments.

SAS Certification exams:
There are 5 Certification exams. A partner consultant can achieve Certification in one subject or all five. Each SAS Certification exam consists of both a theory and practical application of SAS. The practical application requires familiarity with the respective SAS technology to diagnose and solve problems. All exams require thorough knowledge of SAS Version 9.2.

Although investing in SAS training is recommended, training not a requirement to partake in an Certification exam. Exams are conducted in SAS Malaysia office in Kuala Lumpur. The exam is monitored & taken under a reasonable time limit.

For more information:
Please check the
SAS Malaysia Education website for more specific Certification exam dates

For any questions or to create an training plan to prepare for an exam, please contact:

Meliza Khoo
SAS Malaysia
Partner Readiness Manager

The strategic intent of the SAS Malaysia Certification program is to:

  1. Increase the solution implementation satisfaction for our clients
  2. Increase revenue to third party consultants who invest & achieve SAS Certification
  3. Give clarity in a consistent third party selection process for SAS Malaysia Professional Services
  4. Define a third party’s rights & SAS support boundaries when leading an implementation
SAS Certification is recognized on an individual basis, not a company-wide status

Certification is based on two components:

  1. Experience in project implementation
  2. Certification exams
Experience Standards for SAS ANZ Certification per persona
Project Role: Consultant Project Role: Technical Lead Project Role: Project Manager
  • Two SAS projects on related offerings within 2 years
  • 1 referral contact from project
  • Four SAS Technical Lead positions on related SAS projects within 4 years
  • Passed SAS Platform Administration ANZ accreditation
  • 1 referral contact from project
  • Four Project Manager positions on projects within four years
  • Attained PMP or Prince 2 certification
  • 1 referral contact from project

A third party consultant is recommended to focus their SAS implementation skills and then pass exams accordingly. This table highlights the training exams befitting the SAS ANZ supported offerings

SAS Enterprise Miner training path to prep for exam:

  • Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner (either classroom or eLearning)
    This course serves as an introduction to data mining and SAS Enterprise Miner software, designed for data analysts and quantitative experts who seek an understanding of the analytic capabilities of SAS Enterprise Miner 5.3 The 3 day course option provides extensive hands-on experience with SAS Enterprise Miner. It covers the basic skills required to assemble analyses using the rich tool set of SAS Enterprise Miner for both pattern discovery and predictive modeling.
  • SAS Predictive Modeler / Enterprise Miner certification exam:
    Read publication on SAS Text Mining Predictive Modeling with SAS Enterprise Miner: Practical Solutions for Business Applications

  • 61 multiple-choice questions (must achieve score of 70% correct to pass)
  • 3 hours to complete exam

Other recommended SAS sessions for analytics & data mining are:
  • SAS Advanced Metadata Security Workshop
  • SAS Advanced Statistics: ANOVA & Regression
  • SAS Text Miner

SAS Data Integration training path to Achieve SAS Certification:

  • PartnerNet: Data Integration Always On
  • eLearning: Creating an ETL Process Flow Using SAS Data Integration Studio
  • Classroom: SAS Data Integration Fast Track (or) What’s New in SAS / DI 9.2
    • Certification Exam
    • Both theory questions & hands-on practical exam
    • Must score 75% correct to achieve accreditation
    • 3 hours 15 minutes to complete exam
Other recommended SAS/ Data Integration training:

SAS platform Administration Training path to achieve Certification:

  • eLearning: SAS 9 Intelligence Platform Administration Classroom:
  • SAS Platform Administrator Fast Track (or) What’s New in SAS/ Platform Administration 9.2
  • Certification Exam
  • Both theory questions & hands-on practical exam
  • Must score 75% correct to achieve accreditation
  • 3 hours 15 minutes to complete exam
Additional Platform Administration Courses:

SAS Business Intelligence training path to achieve certification

  • PartnerNet: Business Intelligence Always-on
  • eLearning: Querying & Reporting with SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS 9 Business Intelligence Fast Track (or) What’s New in SAS/ BI 9.2
  • SAS BI Dashboard: Developing and Using Dashboards
  • Certification Exam:
  • Both theory questions & hands-on practical exam
  • Must score 75% correct to achieve accreditation
  • 3 hours 15 minutes to complete exam
Additional BI training:
  • What’s New in SAS / BI 9.2
  • Creating Information Maps & Web Reports
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Senior Manager, Channel & Alliances
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Malaysia Head Office
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