Are you ready to gain real time experience in a challenging environment?
Are you ready to work side by side with the brightest data scientists?
Do you want to see how far you can go?

We want your career in analytics to be a long fulfilling one. One that will stimulate and challenge you in one of the fastest growing fields globally. Thatís why we developed a graduate development programme that is second to none which will offer a breadth of real world experience to fast track your personal and professional growth.

The program begins with a detailed 4 week classroom and assisted course to introduce you to Analytics and its application to make a difference in business today.

After this 4 week bootcamp you will be assigned to work on analytics projects and/or opportunities either internally or with some of our clients. Have you ever wanted to make a difference to how an organization works? Increase sales, grow market share, improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, improve performance.... this is only the beginning.

In month 12, you will be given the opportunity to be certified on SAS in one of the following areas: SAS Analytics; SAS Administration; SAS Data Management; SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence.

Empower Others - In month 13-18, you will be given at least one opportunity to teach SAS to University students.

Month 18 - Be the proud few that receive the SAS Development Program Certificate

Download the SAS Graduate Development Program Brochure for more information about the program, application requirements, selection criteria and how to apply.

Applications close on 31st January 2014.