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SAS & EMC Greenplum Team up for Agile and Fast Analytics

Jakarta  (Jun. 07, 2012)  – SAS, working closely with EMC Greenplum, is enabling many businesses to effectively use their large volumes of data to become more analytically driven. SAS business analytics helps enable faster, better decision making by improving analysis of vast and growing amounts of data. EMC Greenplum database warehouse and appliances helps global organizations to store, manage, and protect their data in agile way.

Banks, Insurance and Financing companies could take the best marketing action to optimize acquisition list, cross-sell, loyalty and payment risk, SAS Customer Intelligence helps organizations to find the most profitable growth opportunities. Meanwhile, retailer optimizing inventory and pricing for thousands of items, a pharmacy company able to innovate around new product, or a manufacturers improve quality and stock control to maximizing sales revenue, SAS Supply Chain Intelligence helps organizations to integrate the current Supply Chain system and reveal hidden insights to produce better decisions.

The 'Big Data Era' has arrived — multi-petabyte data warehouses, social media interactions, real-time sensory data feeds, geospatial information and other new data sources are presenting organisations with a range of challenges, but also significant opportunities.1 In any kind of industry, most organizations have growing amounts of data. Unfortunately, to analyze these massive data could not be simply use traditional database. Whatever system or tools that organizations are currently use, they can derive analytical value from it through business analytics.

According to more than 1,000 CIOs and line-of-business executives who were interviewed as part of the IDC Asia/Pacific C-Suite Barometer survey in February 2011, business analytics was rated as the No. 1 technology area that would enable their organizations to gain a competitive edge in the year ahead.

Erwin Sukiato, Country Manager of SAS Indonesia said, "We realized that many organizations already aware on Big Data. They are currently preparing strategy to analyze it and find insights that help them compete and succeed. Through Business Analytics, organizations can make better and faster decisions based not only on what has happened, but what will happen next. They can also predict the best possible outcome while remaining agile in swiftly changing times."

“Current information on Business Analytics came at business event that conducted by SAS and EMC Greenplum brings together senior-level attendees from the financial, retail, pharmacy and manufacturing sectors to share ideas on Big Data issues. IDC representative also shares industry cases and practical experience of companies that are leveraging Big Data and Business Analytics to drive organizational benefit.” Erwin added.   

Customer Intelligence and Supply Chain Intelligence: a revolution in industry

Erwin explained, "Organizations in Indonesia are facing transition to a customer-focused business strategy, as it provides more opportunity than ever to drive profitable revenue growth. To make the transition successfully, companies need solid customer intelligence with a holistic approach to solving critical challenges across marketing. CIGNA Thailand creates a revolution in marketing by integrating database analytics and product and channel strategies. Regarding the solution, the Research Analyst of Forrester2  and Gartner3 has positioned SAS as the leader."

Meanwhile, to tackle the Big Data, SAS also offers SAS Supply Chain Intelligence solutions deliver a critical advantage to organizations by helping them turn data into knowledge and develop unique insights about their demand patterns, supply networks, operations and customer service requirements. SAS complements and leverages organizations' ERP investments with interfaces that support current various systems. In demand-driven forecasting, organization could analyze and combine various models to produce a forecast that best depicts the organization at every level of the corporate and product hierarchy. For inventory optimization, organizations could optimize safety stock levels, reduce redundant stocks, minimize ordering and inventory, achieve targeted customer service levels and improve cash flow by having the right products at the right locations.

Amway China has developed an advanced Inventory Optimization System (IOS) built with SAS® Forecast Server, SAS® Inventory Optimization and SAS® Enterprise Guide that supports a gradual reduction in stock levels, balances product distribution, and has boosted customer satisfaction to 97 percent.


1 The CIO Bridges the IT/Business Value Gap… Finally, Philip Carter, August 10, 2011.

2 The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q1 2012 . Robert Brosnan, January 31, 2012.

3 The Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management, Gartner, May 22, 2012.

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