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SAS Indonesia Partners with Institut Pertanian Bogor, Universitas Islam Indonesia and Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in Academic Program

An innovative program to bring high standard analytics graduates to win jobs competition   

Jakarta  (May 16, 2012)  – In 2011, SAS Indonesia had initiated SAS Academic Program to bridge the gap between academia and business. SAS Academic Program designed to support curriculum and student development within universities. Under the program, universities will enjoy unlimited user licenses of SAS software for student and lecturers, as well as receive SAS training, e-learning, books, the teaching materials, datasets and curriculum development support that in line with the current business analytics environment. 

According to Directors General of Higher Education (DIKTI), as of 2010, there are 3,098 universities in Indonesia and data from Ministry of Education Indonesia revealed there are 655,012 graduates from higher education institution, both private and public. Meanwhile, data from Ministry of Manpower Indonesia revealed number of unemployment from bachelors and diploma is 208,937 aged 20-24 years and 416,788 aged 25-29 years. Those data indicated there is a gap between jobs and the graduates. 

SAS realized that as SAS grow, the demand of SAS resources grows. The program provides a key advantage in a country in empowering young analytics professionals of tomorrow with modern business. Currently, SAS Indonesia has five partnering universities under the SAS Academic Program.

Erwin Sukiato, Country Manager of SAS Indonesia explained, "Since the program was launched, we appreciate those partnering universities who are very welcome with program. We hope the initiative is more than just software usage. Our mission in the program is helping universities in empowering young professional of tomorrow with technology that in line with business analytics environment".

"SAS Indonesia currently serves 45 customers which 67% of them are Banks, Insurance, and Financing companies. The others are Government, Research company, Manufacturers, Retail, Life science and also Educational sector. Through the program, we are trying to bridge the industry to get analytics talents in developing the business analytics."

Dr Asep Saefudin, a Senior Lecturer of Department of Statistics of Institut Pertanian Bogor said, "SAS Academic Program has been well received in our Department. The program could help us in generating reliable statistics graduates. This is also in line with our mission to generate high quality graduates who understand the importance of quality and productivity to global competition. Moreover, our students could get more exposure to technologies and solutions in business. This could increase our graduates' competitive advantage."

Prof Hadri Kusuma, Dean of Faculty of Economy of Universitas Islam Indonesia said, "Under the program, our students and academicians of Faculty of Economy major in Economics and Accounting can get access to sophisticated software tools, SAS, and enable them to be acquainted with business analytics environment. SAS Academic Program is an innovative way to educate and equip our students with software and meet the business need. SAS worldwide curriculum also enriched our teaching materials with real-life datasets where the students could build report, models, and forecasting."

Meanwhile, Januar Wahjudi, SKom, MSc, Dean of Faculty of Information and Communication Technology of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara said, "As we implemented SAS in Information System study program, we understand that SAS Academic Program add more values to our students and lecturers. We hope that our mission to develop our students with high standard and prepare them to have bright future career could be defined through the partnership. Under the program, we are planning to highlight on data mining and business intelligence in our curriculum".

The SAS Education Analytical Suite integrates more than 20 SAS products in a bundle exclusively available for educational professionals who want superior analytic tools. The suite is designed to meet the distinct needs of a variety of user groups. Comprehensive implementation could be used for any major, such as Statistics, Mathematics & Science, Industrial Engineering, Economy, Business, Management, and Information System. Among them:

  • Mathematics and science, the students could take a full advantage of Statistics knowledge to higher level, such as Analysis of Variance, Regression, Bayesian, Cluster Analysis, Survey Data Analysis, and Non-Parametric analysis.
  • Industrial Engineering, the students could use the software for operation research and quality control, like Critical Path Method, Optimization, PERT, GANTT Charts, Bill of Material, and Scheduling.
  • Economy, Business and Management, the students could implement Econometric Time Series, such as Time Series forecasting system, econometric analysis (Regression, what-if, Monte Carlo simulation, Multinomial discrete choice analysis, time value of money analysis).
  • Information System, the students could use the software for data mining and business intelligence.

Currently, universities worldwide using SAS software, including the University of Philippines for Statistics Department, North Carolina State University for IT Department, Sunway University College for IT Department, Warsaw School of Economics for Economy major, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia for Mathematics Department, University of Southampton for Management Science, the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) of Malaysia for faculty of Information Technology and Quantitative Sciences, and University Utara Malaysia (UUM) for Quantitative Sciences Department.

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